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Realize your full potential as a pilot

Take three dimensions to the extreme. Using what you've learned from your prior training,  let me help you move it to the next level. Whether your goal is beginning aerobatics, unusual attitude recovery, or adding a tailwheel endorsement to your pilot privileges, we'll take the hum-drum of straight and level and turn up the volume to make flying much safer and more fun too. Use the colored tabs on the right to navigate to other pages on this web.

beginning aerobatics

  • Stalls and Spins

    Let's debunk stalls and spins.
    These don't have to be maneuvers that you dread. I'll help you understand them, practice their entry and recovery, and go home smiling with new capabilities you never thought you'd have.

  • Loops and Rolls

    These maneuvers are the bread and butter of competition aerobats; but how does the new inductee to aerobatics begin doing loops and rolls without getting into trouble? I'll show you in step-wise fashion how to transition from straight and level  to 360 degree "vertical turns" and competition slow rolls and the ballistic aileron roll . More…

  • Immelmann and others

  • This figure combines portions of two figures learned earlier:  The loop and roll. Dive for entry speed, level flight, pull for the first half of the loop, then prior to level, inverted flight, half-roll to upright, straight and level flight. There are a host of others, too; we've just scratched the surface!    

unusual attitude recovery

  • Low and Slow in the Pattern?

    You're on final, configured for  landng, gear and flaps down, you hit wake turbulence from that regional jet ahead. Quick! What do you do?

  • High and Fast  En Route Cruise

    Your letting "Charlie" fly the airplane here, monitoring the radios and watching for traffic. Crossing six miles behind a 757 your world turns upside down. Here you've got your best friend with you. Altitude.  What do you do first, and next?

  • Simple Maneuver Goes Wrong

    Being a good pilot, you practice slow flight, stalls, and steep turns. One just happens to get a little out of control. Do you know what your first step is?


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